Prizeray Legitimacy and Integrity

We are dedicated to ensuring that Prizeray is 100% fair for all players, and that we as a business are transparent about our practices.

Let's go over a few highlights:

  • Draw results are the same for all players. If you're watching a draw at 12:00pm and the winning numbers are [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] -- then the winning numbers for every other player are also [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. We'll never alter results to cheat you out of winning.

  • Draw results are generated using cryptographically-secure algorithms. We utilize industry-standard methodology to generate a draw's winning numbers that cannot be accurately predicted before the drawing occurs.

  • Our data centers are secure, and audits are regularly performed. The computer program used for generating drawing results is hosted with Amazon Web Services in a secure data center. Access to this program is strictly controlled.

  • Prizeray is funded by advertising only. During intermission between draws, we display advertisements from our partners and offer rewarded survey opportunities. That's it. We do not sell any personal information collected, or profit in any other way from our players.


Draw results are created using a cryptographically-secure pseudorandom number generator (CSPRNG). You can read about what that is here. The abridged version: we utilize unguessable entropy within our drawing computer as the basis of randomness.

1. Random Seed: The first step to produce a set of winning numbers is to generate a random "seed," which serves as the basis of randomness all other operations utilize. Our drawing system makes use of the crypto module from Node.js to generate 64 bytes of random data from the host system.

2. Fisher-Yates shuffle: The next step involves us taking a list of every possible number we can draw (1 through 25), and shuffling that list using the Fisher-Yates Shuffle algoritm. The randomness required by the Fisher-Yates Shuffle is derived from the random seed we created in step 1. Once the list is shuffled, we take the first 5 numbers of the list, which become the draw's winning numbers. We utilize seedrandom to handle the generation of random numbers after injecting the random seed.

3. Storage: We store the random seed alongside the winning numbers in the database. These seeds are available to you. For any draw, you can utilize the algorithm outlined above with the draw's seed to reproduce the winning number set. View recent drawings in bulk here.

Click here to visit a CodePen tool that gives you an easy way to check a seed yourself. Find the seed of the drawing you want to verify, and then put that in the "DRAWING_SEED" variable. Check the console to see the winning numbers displayed.

If you have any questions or requests for past drawing information, please contact us at


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