Prizeray: A Free Online Sweepstakes Game

Prizeray is a new take on online sweepstakes games, offering lottery-style drawings with chances to instantly win every 2 minutes.

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Posted Aug 02 2021

Thanks for stopping by! This is our first post (hopefully the first of many) about our sweepstakes game, Prizeray. We want to take a few minutes to introduce you to what Prizeray is, how you can win, and where we expect to go in the future.

Prizeray is a lottery-style sweepstakes game, playable online and totally free.

Every two minutes, we draw five numbers from 1 to 25. The more numbers you match on your ticket, the more points you win! Your points accumulate across drawings, so the more you play, the more you earn.

What can I win?

All prizes won directly are points only redeemable on Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for a number of gift cards we offer in our store.

How do I play?

It's easy!

  1. Create an account. It takes a few seconds and we only need your email address.

  2. Select your numbers. Choose exactly 5 numbers from 1-25. Tap "Submit Ticket".

  3. Watch the drawing live! We'll draw five numbers. If we draw any of the numbers you selected, you'll win points. Points can be exchanged in the for upgrades and cash prizes.

  4. Keep playing the rest of your tickets! All players get 10 tickets every 5 hours. Come back at different times throughout the day to keep winning!

Don't forget to check out our unique upgrade system. Simply by submitting tickets, you can earn permanent bonuses to the amount of points you earn!

Is there a Jackpot?

Yes! If you match all five of your numbers, you'll win all the points accumulated in the Jackpot. It starts at 50,000 points -- that's enough to get most prizes in our store. We add one point to it for every ticket played, meaning it has the potential to go up fast. The Jackpot has no upper limit, and it only resets to 50,000 when somebody actually wins it.

Matching all five of your numbers takes a lot of luck, but it's certainly not impossible. Give it a try!

Are drawings fair?

Absolutely. You can read more about fairness and drawing integrity here. We're transparent about how we generate our random numbers. The winning numbers are the same for all players each game, and our data centers and random number generators are secured against tampering.

What's the catch?

We're a business, which means we do have to collect some revenue in order to maintain the website and distribute prizes to players.

Between drawings, there is an intermission that will last about thirty seconds. While you wait, some of our partners may show sponsored content or advertisements. We also offer players the ability to take rewarded surveys, which will give points to those who complete them and also help us fund cash prizes.

Engaging with any content shown during intermission will NEVER affect your odds of winning, and we ensure that intermission content never disrupts the flow of the game.

Intermission can be fun though! We like to toss in some fun trivia facts to spice things up, and there are other fun intermission ideas planned in the future too.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our frequently-asked-questions page. We can give you more in-depth answers on prizes, odds of winning, and how Prizeray operates as both a recurring sweepstakes game and a business.

We hope you stick around and score some big wins.

Good luck!

- The Prizeray Team


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