Game Update: Upgrades and Progression

We just released a huge update! Players now have more opportunities to consistently earn points while playing.

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Posted Oct 22 2021

The October 22nd update introduces several great new features we've been working on for the past few months.

What are upgrades?

Upgrades are a great way to earn more points just by playing the game. Each upgrade starts out locked and can be unlocked by completing required tasks (Like submitting tickets, or completing surveys). Upgrades can be leveled up to give even better bonuses. Submit tickets, finish sessions, and complete surveys to progress through the levels and earn more points passively.

We currently have three upgrades you can unlock:

  • Session Completion Bonus

    • Earn points passively by finishing all ten of your tickets in a session

  • Session Start Bonus

    • Get a fixed amount of points every time you play your first ticket in a session

  • Survey Screenout Bonus

    • For players who enjoy surveys: get compensated with more points whenever you're screened out from a rewarded survey.

How do I level-up my upgrades?

First off, each upgrade needs to be unlocked. The requirements for unlocking the first tier of an upgrade are all pretty easy to achieve.

Once you complete the goal to unlock the upgrade, you'll see a new goal available that will unlock the next level of the upgrade once completed. Each new level unlocked will improve the bonus the upgrade gives. For example, the Level 1 Session Completion Bonus gives +5 points for each session finished, but Level 2 gives +10, and Level 3 gives +15. Upgrades are capped at level 5 for the time being, but this might expand in the future.

What else is new in this update?

We added a referral program! As a registered player, you'll get a unique link you can share with your friends. If somebody signs up using your link, you'll both get +100 points! (Your friend will need to verify their email and submit at least 5 tickets, which we think is a fair requirement to prevent fraud.)

Additionally, we added a slew of new gift cards to the store and fixed a bunch of bugs with the game.

As we continue our roll-out, we published public Facebook and Twitter profiles. Feel free to follow us! We'll be using these services to keep players informed of new updates or events on Prizeray.

Best of luck!

- The Prizeray Team


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